Tuesday, March 26, 2013

T-Rex does the Hop

Easter T-Rex • iPad with Procreate

In the Spring I have counted one hundred and thirty-six different kinds of weather inside of four and twenty hours.  
- Mark Twain

As Spring comes kicking and screaming into our area, like a cat being taken to the vet, another holiday quickly approaches. Fake plastic grass, themed items of every pastel hue in the spectrum, and candy enough to put a gargantuan dino into a diabetic snooze have littered the stores since before Valentine's Day.

So, what's up with the picture? A result of a jelly bean overdose hallucination? A mockery of Eastertime commercialization?

None of that. He fell into my head - kerplunk! - one day while pondering what kind of bunny drawing I was going to do for illustrator Dani Jones' March Daily Doodle Challenge.

The Challenge can be followed on Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr (mostly on the first two) under the hashtag #dailydoodlers. Each day, from March 6 to 29 minus weekends, has a different theme and participating sketchers post their offerings. The results range from sublime to hilarious. A collection of crazy creative blossoms for all to see and enjoy. It's been so much fun, and the daily sketching has sharpened my skills in ways I didn't expect.

I am also taking my Easter T-Rex to Aquariann's Bunny Blog Hop, where I hope he'll stick to egg distribution and abstain from gobbling up the cute little critters featured there.

Click below to visit, and feel free to participate, too!

aquariann's Bunny Blog Hop


  1. OMG I squee-ed out loud when I saw that T-rex... bunnies & dinos are 2 of my favorite thigns... ^o^

  2. That has to be one of the cutest T-rexes (what's the plural for T-rex?) I have ever seen. Probably the cutest... I hopped on over from the aquariann's bunny hop, where I am also hoping he doesn't eat one of my bunnies...